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Portrait of Philippe Godbout
Portrait of Philippe Godbout

⸰ Philippe Godbout ⸰

Founder of the Biomimetic Method

After more than 20 years of experience in the practice of traditional healing arts including massage therapy, acupuncture and qigong, I am now dedicated to the practice and further development of the Biomimetic Method, a manual therapy technique rooted in ancient knowledge, yet adapted to modern situations and to the needs of the individuals that evolve through them.

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About the

Biomimetic Method

Cultivate your health with this method of manual therapy rooted in traditional medical arts :

Clay pot with Chinese calligraphy held in hands
Clay pot with Chinese calligraphy held in hands
  • Your comfort and safety are insured by the use of careful mobilizations and a progressive application of pressure

  • The techniques and manipulations will be applied over your clothes

  • Experience an increased capacity for comfortable movement and return to a relaxed body and mind

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